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Special ‘Azadi’ sight starts countrywide tour from Islamabad today

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ISLAMABAD: A special ‘Azadi’ train, prepared by a Pakistan Railways to symbol a 70th Independence Day of Pakistan, starts a countrywide tour from Margalla Railway Station, Islamabad on Saturday.

Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb inaugurated a sight and saw it off progressing today.

The Azadi sight consists of 5 art galleries, illustrated with cinema of people who sacrificed their lives during a autonomy movement, while 6 floats are also partial of a train.

Sacrifices of Pakistan Armed Forces and Indian charge in assigned Kashmir have also been displayed during a design galleries.

The floats prominence a enlightenment of Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh, Balochistan, Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Kashmir.

According to a schedule, a sight leaves Islamabad during 12:30pm currently and will strech Peshawar during 4:30pm on a same day.

It will restart a tour during 10:30am on a subsequent day from Peshawar and arrive during Rawalpindi during 7:15pm, where it will stay for dual nights.

The sight will again set off during 9:15am on Aug 15 for a subsequent destination, Lahore, where it will strech during 10pm.

Illustrations of Pakistan Armed Forces inside a ‘Azadi’ train

It will stay during Lahore hire for dual nights and leave for Multan during 9am on Aug 17. It will arrive during Multan during 11:30pm and after a night’s stay, start a tour during 9am and strech Khanpur during 7:19pm on a same day.

The Azadi sight will stop during Khanpur for one night and on Aug 19 during 8:30am, it will skip Khanpur for Sukkur, where it will strech during 8pm.

After a night’s stay during Sukkur, a sight will leave 9:30am on Aug 20 and will mangle a tour during Sibbi during 7pm to stay for a night.

The sight will leave Sibbi during 7am on Aug 21 for a subsequent end Quetta, where it will strech during 5pm.

The sight will stay there for dual nights and start a tour behind to Sukkur during 7am on Aug 23. It will strech Sukkur during 7:30pm and stay for another night and on Aug 24, it will leave for Nawabshah during 8am.

It will strech Nawabshah during 7pm and afterwards strech Hyderabad around Tando Adam.

The sight will stay during Hyderabad for one night and leave for Karachi Cantt around Kotri. It will interpretation a tour in Karachi during 6pm on Aug 25.

Pakistan Railways military will yield special confidence to a sight with a assistance of internal police.

Article source: https://www.geo.tv/latest/153384-special-azadi-train-begins-countrywide-journey-from-islamabad-today

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